Functions SpatialLines2PolySet and SpatialPolygons2PolySet convert objects of sp classes to PolySet class objects as defined in the PBSmapping package, and PolySet2SpatialLines and PolySet2SpatialPolygons convert in the opposite direction.

PolySet2SpatialPolygons(PS, close_polys=TRUE)



a SpatialLines object as defined in the sp package


a SpatialPolygons object as defined in the sp package


a PolySet object


should polygons be closed if open


PolySet objects as defined in the PBSmapping package


Roger Bivand and Andrew Niccolai

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if(require(PBSmapping) && require(maps)) { nor_coast_lines <- map("world", interior=FALSE, plot=FALSE, xlim=c(4,32), ylim=c(58,72)) nor_coast_lines <- pruneMap(nor_coast_lines, xlim=c(4,32), ylim=c(58,72)) nor_coast_lines_sp <- map2SpatialLines(nor_coast_lines, proj4string=CRS("+proj=longlat +datum=WGS84 +ellps=WGS84")) nor_coast_lines_PS <- SpatialLines2PolySet(nor_coast_lines_sp) summary(nor_coast_lines_PS) plotLines(nor_coast_lines_PS) o3 <- PolySet2SpatialLines(nor_coast_lines_PS) plot(o3, axes=TRUE) nor_coast_poly <- map("world", "norway", fill=TRUE, col="transparent", plot=FALSE, ylim=c(58,72)) IDs <- sapply(strsplit(nor_coast_poly$names, ":"), function(x) x[1]) nor_coast_poly_sp <- map2SpatialPolygons(nor_coast_poly, IDs=IDs, proj4string=CRS("+proj=longlat +datum=WGS84 +ellps=WGS84")) nor_coast_poly_PS <- SpatialPolygons2PolySet(nor_coast_poly_sp) summary(nor_coast_poly_PS) plotPolys(nor_coast_poly_PS) o1 <- PolySet2SpatialPolygons(nor_coast_poly_PS) plot(o1, axes=TRUE) }
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#> Warning: CRS object has comment, which is lost in output
#> Warning: CRS object has comment, which is lost in output