The function is used to create and write a KML file on the basis of a given SpatialPointsDataFrame object for the usage in Google Earth resp. Google Maps.

kmlPoints(obj=NULL, kmlfile=NULL, kmlname="", kmldescription="",
    name=NULL, description="",



a SpatialPointsDataFrame object


if not NULL the name as character string of the kml file to be written


the name of the KML layer


the description of the KML layer (HTML tags allowed)


a character vector to be used as names for each KML Placemark


a character vector to be used as the description for each KML Placemark (HTML tags allowed)


a character vector of icon URLs to be used in the style associated with each KML Placemark


The function is used to convert a given SpatialPointsDataFrame object into a series of KML Placemarks, each with a single Point. If kmlfile is not NULL the result will be written into that file. If kmlfile is NULL the generated KML lines will be returned (see also value).

If name=NULL, the <name> tag for each Placemark will be 'site #'. If a single value is used for name or description, that value will be replicated for each Placemark. If a single value is used for icon, only a single style will be created and that style will be referenced by each Placemark.

Note that the geometries should be in geographical coordinates with datum WGS84.


x is a list with the elements style and content containing the generated lines of the KML file as character vectors if kmlfile is NULL.

y is a list with the elements header and footer representing the KML file' header resp. footer if obj is NULL.

KML icons

The default icon URL is Additional icons are available at:


Jonathan Callahan

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data(SplashDams) num <- length(SplashDams) td <- tempdir() kmlfile <- paste(td, "OregonSplashDams.kml", sep="/") kmlname <- "Oregon Splash Dams" kmldescription <- paste("Data for Splash Dams in western Oregon.", "See", "for more information.") icon <- "" name <- paste("Dam on",SplashDams$streamName) description <- paste("<b>owner:</b>", SplashDams$owner, "<br><b>dates:</b>", SplashDams$datesUsed) kmlPoints(SplashDams, kmlfile=kmlfile, name=name, description=description, icon=icon, kmlname=kmlname, kmldescription=kmldescription)